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『STRESSOR ~ストレスは稀に人を異世界へと誘う~』
Excessive stress may lead one to wander into another world.

妄想天威のコミカルロックにカテゴリーされる楽曲。 色々ツッコミどころ満載ではあるが決して深く気にしてはいけない。何故なら夢の中の出来事をテーマにしているからである。

This song is categorized as MOUSOTENI's comical rock. Although it is full of various points of interest, you should not be deeply concerned about it. Because the theme of the song is about an event in a dream.

『選択肢は斯くの如く』Choice is like this [Infinite choices]


This song is a combination of two song ideas that I originally had in mind. It pays homage to the game commands of the Japanese RPG game Dragon Quest. The characters in the illustration are so cute that we are creating a trial product of goods printed with those characters. This song is representative of MOUSOTENI's comical songs.

『芽生えたキモチ』A budding feeling


Originally, I did not intend to create many love songs, but I created this one on a trial basis.
I feel that the dynamic phrasing of the strings makes the song stand out more than what I had in mind when I created it.

『消えない想い』Inextinguishable feelings


This is the first of a collection of numbered songs based on a single world motif. There will be a total of five pieces in the series. The order of the presented titles may not be in chronological order as a story. The lyrics may be a little abstract and difficult to understand. If you come to the concert, there may be a detailed explanation!

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